Triple gold medal at the Mundus Vini Competition

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Here come the champions! Assuli hits the MUNDUS VINI Grand Prix competition.Golden hat-trick: this is the medal collection that the Sicilian winery won at the summer tasting of the 31st edition of the prestigious Grand  International Wine Award Mundus Vini.

Founded by Meininger Verlag, it is one of the most important wine competitions in the world. There were 4,185 wines tasted blindly at the Summer Tasting and professionally assessed by an international jury of experts who awarded the best wines, at most only 40% of the total, and Assuli wines have overcome this obstacle with flying colours. The wines awarded are FURIOSO 2019 and ARCODACE 2021 (both produced with 100% Perricone grapes) and DARDINELLO 2021 (100% Zibibbo). All DOC Sicilia, all Organic. Here then are some wines that not just those who bottled them, but all of Sicily can be proud of.

A success that confirms the high quality level achieved by the winery’s labels “An extraordinary success that allows us to consolidate the excellent quality level of our wines which, as in previous years, are winning awards in the most prestigious international wine competitions”, comments Roberto Caruso, President of Assuli, in a note. “In addition to the Furioso, which is one of the flagships of our production, capable of winning successes, we are particularly pleased in highlighting the success of Arcodace, launched at the beginning of the summer, confirming the fitting intuition of presenting a new line that enhances Perricone, a relic grape variety, almost forgotten and rediscovered today, which is giving us a lot of satisfaction.. Arcodace is a red that comes from Perricone grapes in purity and winks at wine lovers who are more attentive at discovering the thousand authentic facets of Italian wine”.

A demonstration of the terroir of Northwestern Sicily

Perricone is a gem among Sicilian vines, alongside Furioso, the first Perricone in purity produced by the winery, aged 12 months in large oak barrels, Assuli is still betting on this autochthonous grape with Arcodace, another Perricone in purity aged entirely in steel containers for 4-5 months. A surprising red for its liveliness. Complex and elegant, a small prestigious production, the result of the 2021 harvest, obtained from a careful selection in the vineyard. The Perricone grapes are cultivated on the Carcitella Estate, the largest of the Assuli vineyards (65 hectares, 120/150 m. above sea level), in the Mazara del Vallo (TP) area. Here the land is of medium texture, rich in limestone and shell with good mineral content It was once a river bed, and there are still round pebbles called CUTI. Ageing in wood or the vinification in steel enhance the unique personality that this vine is able to express in the largest of the Assuli plots.

A new interpretation therefore for a ‘relic’, a grape variety cultivated in western Sicily since time immemorial, now recovered thanks to decades of work. The qualitative cultivation began a few years ago, when, with the renaissance of winemaking Sicily, relic vines were given impetus and Perricone was elected as one of the symbolic varieties of a renewed personality of the island’s viticulture. A grape variety that therefore faithfully reflects the pedoclimatic specificities of the areas in which it is planted. Its character manifests itself with expressions of remarkable elegance; the microclimate favours the aromatic complexity of the grapes and the concentration of intense aromas but of absolute subtlety.. A point of interest: its synonym ‘Pignatello’ derives from “pignatidare”, the red aluminous earth of Trapani, so called for its use in the manufacture of terracotta pots.

Zibibbo is also wholly representative of Sicily. Also known as Muscat of Alexandria, Zibibbo spread to many areas of southern Europe following the Arab domination from which the name itself also derives. ‘Zibibb’ in fact means dried or withered grapes, which the Arabs made great use of. It is one of the rarest grapes in the world with a triple aptitude: it is a wine grape, it is very good to eat and ideal for drying. This extraordinary ability to adapt is among the reasons for its very long history, which dates back to 5,000 years ago. in Sicily it is traditionally cultivated as a drying grape, but also gives great wines even in the dry version which overwhelm with their fragrance, their intense and persistent aromas for the entire meal. This is Dardinello Assuli, a wine with a strong aromatic profile that surprises with its freshness in the mouth. The dry Zibibbo is a Sicilian white perfect for accompanying fish dishes.

All the names of the Assuli labels evoke Orlando Furioso, the famous poem written by Ludovico Ariosto. Magical places and characters, which has lovers of all ages dream and fantasize. In these pages there is the horizon reached on the wings of the imagination, where the tales of the Paladins intertwine, sometimes encountering sin or redemption, fighting the enemy or seeking the beloved woman, where wonder unfolds and emotions flare up.

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