Rosé Trophy Italien Falstaff: Fiordispina on the podium again

Avatar Assuli

Assuli, Sicilian winery ambassador in the promotion of local autochthonous grapes, is once again making a name for itself on the strength of an important recognition received by Falstaff, the historic Austrian magazine dedicated to wine, food and travel, one of the most important in the world. In fact, during the international competition Rosé Trophy Italien 2022, it rewards the brand new pink wine made from 100% organically grown Perricone grapes. The expert tasters of Falstaff’s editorial team tested FIORDISPINA 21 which achieved a score of 90 points and an excellent review: 

Salmon pink with orange reflections. Hints of cherries and fresh raspberries on the nose, then a light floral and spicy nuance. Fresh and juicy on the palate, with a medium-long finish.Falstaff

The strong point of the winery with its vinification technique which uses white fermentation, destemming and light pressing, with a very short maceration in the press, soft pressing. Fermentation at controlled temperature between 14-16° which lasts about 2 weeks, ages 3-4 months in steel, with periodic suspension of the fine lees (batonnage). 

It is likeable, pleasantly ambiguous, just like the character in the famous chivalric poem Orlando Furioso from which it is inspired, it has a distinctive colour that is capable of attracting attention. Attractive, even with a pleasantly fresh and savoury flavour, it stands out through its unique packaging with a strong aesthetic impact.

Fiordispina is a trendy alternative to the “classic” glass of wine and is suitable for multiple pairings, targeting a public open to new taste experiences. 

It is ideal with lightly spiced dishes, cold cuts and raw fish, and it also goes well with pizza. For a wine that amazes, an original interpretation of Perricone, a versatile vine, almost forgotten, to be rediscovered, but above all a true expression of a new and different Sicilian wine. 

In addition to boasting the DOC Sicily designation, it is entirely produced through certified organic viticulture

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