Arcodace, a new interpretation of Perricone

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Perricone is a gem among Sicilian grape varieties, Assuli presents a preview of a wine that has its roots fully in the Sicilian background. A new interpretation from Assuli for this grape variety, which joins the expressiveness of Furioso, the first Perricone in purity produced by the winery, aged for 12 months in large oak barrels, and the recent Fiordispina, in a pink version, Assuli is still betting on this autochthonous grape. Thus Arcodace, was created, another Perricone in purity aged entirely in steel containers for 4-5 months.

A surprising red for its liveliness. Complex and elegant, a small prestigious production, the result of the 2021 harvest, obtained from a careful selection of grapes from the Carcitella estate, in the heart of north-western Sicily (65 hectares, 120/150 m. above sea level), in the area of Mazara del Vallo (TP). Here the land is of medium texture, rich in limestone and shell with good mineral content. The careful selection in the vineyard and cellars, as well as the vinification in steel enhance the unique personality that this vine is able to express in the largest of the Assuli plots.

A new interpretation therefore for a relic vine, cultivated in western Sicily since time immemorial, now recovered thanks to decades of work. The golden age for Perricone was at the end of the 19th century when it entered the category of Marsala Rubino wines because it added elegance and aromas. At the beginning of the twentieth century it was one of the most widespread varieties throughout the provinces of Palermo and Trapani. Its decline began with the invasion of phylloxera which practically destroyed its cultivation, and the gradual replacement with other varieties for the production of Marsala. The qualitative cultivation of Perricone began a few years ago, when, with the renaissance of winemaking Sicily, relic vines were given impetus and Perricone was elected as one of the symbolic varieties of a renewed personality of the island’s viticulture. A vine that therefore faithfully reflects the pedoclimatic specificities of the areas in which it is planted and can rightly be considered today the full expression of the Sicilian viticultural tradition. Its character manifests itself with expressions of remarkable elegance; the microclimate favours the aromatic complexity of the grapes and the concentration of intense aromas but of absolute subtlety. A point of interest: its synonym ‘Pignatello’ derives from “pignatidare”, the red aluminous earth of Trapani, so called for its use in the manufacture of terracotta pots.

The winemaker Lorenzo Landi tells it like this: “Arcodace is a wine with a complex bouquet, where we find hints of blackberry, pepper, fresh spices and licorice, it expresses in a particular way the elegance and freshness of the tannin, the fruit is lively. It energetically reconfirms the spicy notes and licorice on the palate. Excellent with semi-aged cheeses, cold cuts, fish ragout, red tuna, roasted white meat, even spiced”.

With Arcodace Assuli still celebrates its link with the land”  – says Roberto Caruso, President of Assuli – “Sicily reveals itself in the glass with a 100% Perricone trio: thats Furioso, Arcodace and the pink wine Fiordispina.

Like all Assuli labels, the name Arcodace recalls Orlando Furioso, the famous poem written by Ludovico Ariosto. Right there in a forest of very dense trees, with hills and valleys in perfect balance on three different sides, wrapped in that pale aura of mystery, is Arcodace. A magical place, which has poets and lovers of all ages dream and fantasize. In the pages of Assuli’s history, Arcodace is nothing more than the specular reverse of the earth, where everything lost on the planet of mortals gathers, the horizon reached on the wings of imagination, where the tales of the Paladins intertwine. sometimes they encounter sin or redemption, fight the enemy or seek the woman they love. A magical clearing, full of gnomes, fairies, goblins and elves, where wonder opens up and emotion flares up.

Sensory analysis:

Visual: deep ruby red with violet reflections

On the nose: a complex bouquet, where we find hints of blackberry, pepper, fresh spices and licorice

Taste: elegant and fresh tannins, the fruit is lively, the spices and licorice that are energetically reconfirmed on the palate.

In addition to boasting the DOC Sicily designation, it is entirely produced through certified organic viticulture.

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